Pollys - How It Remastered - 5.6% Pale Ale - 440ml Can

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5.6% Pale Ale

440ml Can

Of the countless hop combos we’ve utilised over the years, there’s definitely a reason we keep coming back to Citra and Mosaic. A certifiably champions league level pairing, this duo has seen us scale up from pale to IPA to DIPA from our early Loka Polly days all the way up to our current hyper-modern, sophisticated (for us anyway) setup in our space twelve times the size of our original brew space today. How It Remastered brings all the usual Polly’s notes to the party – think juicy citrus notes, with tangerine, bubblegum and berries, but thanks to our generous use of the oft-disregarded Comet in the whirlpool, we’ve balanced that sweetness out with piney resin to keep everything in line. Wrapped up in a warm hug of our LA3 yeast strain, here’s to the past, the present and the future here at Polly’s.