Pollys - Sound Surrender - 6.4% Simcoe Columbus IPA - 440ml Can

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6.4% Simcoe Columbus IPA

440ml Can

Can we just say that 6.4% is the magic abv for our IPAs? Whether it was the incredible technicolour dream that was El Dorado Mosaic from our Originals range, or the more refined experienced numbers of An Original Mix, or Pines from our Augment range, we've always had a knack of creating absolutely kickass IPAs at that 6.4% mark. Sound Surrender acknowledges this trend, knocks it out of the park, and then runs to catch the ball itself; a reeled back and easygoing dry hop bill of Columbus and Simcoe belies the magic going on in this beer, as a certified tidal wave of passionfruit, berry and apricot notes pair up with a heady swag bag of earthy pine and pithy citrus notes. All wrapped up in a warm hug of LA3 for maximum suspension, is this following in its highly praised siblings footsteps? Absolutely yes.