Polly's - Welcome Rain - 5.2% Pale Ale - 440ml Can

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5.2% Pale Ale

440ml Can

We set our brewers a task when designing Welcome Rain - the challenge? To create a full on tropical explosion of a beer, rinsing every drop of flavour they can out of the hops they're using. The kicker? They were only allowed to employ two hops to do it with. Never ones to back down from a challenge, our brewers chose to employ the help of our hop merchant and request a delivery of the freshest crops of Azacca and Sabro in Welcome Rain. Two varietals we've a huge wealth of experience working with at this point, Sabro just lends itself to a beer with this kind of flavour profile - creamy coconut, lime, and tangerine play off perfectly against the mango, orange and pineapple vibes of in-house favourite Azacca.