Populis - Macerated Chardonnay - California, USA - Plush Acidic notes of Apricot & Peach with a streak of Minerality - 750ml Bottle

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Quite literally a “garagiste” wine made by Shaunt Oungoulian and Diego Roig in Shaun’s parent’s garage. Organically grown grapes from Barra Vineyard near Ukiah. Spontaneous fermentation, 10 days on the skins, aged in neutral French oak and stainless steel for 7 months. 10 ppm sulfur added at bottling.

The maceration on the skins lends this wine exceptional texture and mouthfeel. The gentle tannins work in harmony with the full texture that Chardonnay can contribute. Notes of apricot and stone fruit stand out on the nose, but a fine streak of minerality, plushness and acid carries the wine through the finish.