Trillium - Trailside - 6.8% IPA - 473ml Can

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 6.8% IPA

473ml Can

Pouring a hazy, orange juice-colored golden yellow, Trailside is a fine-tuned take on the classic citrus-meets-tropical Trillium profile. Keeping an eye toward new possibilities with Strata, while retaining the core elements of what works best in Citra, the aroma is a stunning display of smile-inducing hop saturation. Fresh-peeled clementine, tangelo, and candied Meyer lemon notes are complemented by overripe pineapple, mango nectar, and fuzzy peach. Its juice-forward, no doubt; but an underlying ruby red grapefruit bitterness keeps us reaching back for more. Characteristically soft and palate-coating, we hope you enjoy Trailside while exploring the beauty of Blue Hills and beyond.