Pressure Drop - Wu Gang Chops The Tree - 3.8% Foraged Herb Hefeweisse - 440ml Can

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3.8% Foraged Herb Hefeweisse

440ml Can

ABV: 3.8% 
Style: Foraged Herb Hefeweizen
Additions: Locally foraged bay

There are OGs and then there are OGs. Wu Gang Chops the Tree was the third brew on the first ever Pressure Drop kit. Wu Gang has evolved since then, and remains one of our best-loved brews and a regular feature on our brewing plans.

Locally foraged bay cuts through the floral aromas of this refreshing little hefeweizen. When paired with food, in particular East Asian flavours, Wu Gang Chops the Tree turns in a star-making performance.

The Wu Gang label by Ching Li Chew depicts the Chinese proverb that inspired the name of the beer. As you turn the can Wu Gang’s tree is cut, then re-sprouts, in an endless cycle.