Siren / Omnipollo - Charm - 9% Imperial Porter with Almond Coffee - 330ml can

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A captivating Imperial Porter featuring a special blend of Brazilian, Indian and Tanzanian coffee beans. Omnipollo is an inspirational brewery to us, always willing to push boundaries to make beers with imagination, ambition and charm. They’ve also been a part of our journey since year one, when we first teamed up on Näcken, a hopfenweizen born from a collaborative homebrew competition. The very same competition gave birth to some of our all time favourite beers, the likes of Life’s A Peach brewed in Finchampstead, and Lorelei, which has become an annual release for Omnipollo. Our latest collaboration is probably the most ambitious beer we’ve brewed. It entices with marzipan flavours which play against rich espresso and roasted dark malts. Starting at 40 plato, describing Charm as viscous is an understatement, it has to be seen to be believed.