Stichelton - Toasty, Nutty Blue

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Hand-ladled and made to a traditional recipe with unpasteurised milk to make an outstanding blue cheese.
Stichelton is creamy and nutty with a rich yet gentle blue note.

Made by Joe Schneider in Cuckney, Nottinghamshire, England.

In 1988 Colston Bassett, one of Britain’s finest Stilton makers finally gave up making unpasteurised Stilton. A change of the Stilton decree in the 1990s meant that now all Stilton is made from pasteurised milk. There would be no more unpasteurised Stilton.

Yet in 2006 Joe Schneider set-up on Collingthwaite Farm (on the Wellbeck Estate) to try and recreate this age-old cheese made on the farm. Overcoming many obstacles, what he eventually produced, being made from unpasteurised milk, could not be called Stilton. So he named it Stichelton.

In producing Stichelton, Joe has created an outstanding British classic. One of only a few unpasteurised blue cheeses made on a farm, Stichelton is made slowly, with a gentle acidification of the milk and traditional hand-ladling to drain the curd (most is done by machine which treats the curd in a rougher fashion). It is then rubbed up and allowed to form its classic glossy, ruby-red coat. Piercing late (about 10-12 weeks) and ageing slowly produces an immensely complex cheese that is not aggressively blue. Stichelton is toasty, nutty and sweet with a creamy light texture and gentle blue note.

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