Straffe Hendrik - Xmas Blend - 11% BA Quad - 750ml Bottle

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For this special Xmas Blend, our master brewer combines selective barrel aged Quadruple and young Quadruple. This beer is only brewed from time to time and is not part of our standard range.

The tannins from the barrels come in harmony with the rich notes of the special malts in the beer. In combination with the subtle taste of the wood aging and the young Quadruple beer it creates a unique and powerful blend. Thanks to the re-yeasting in the bottle the taste keeps on developing year after year.

Depending on the origin of the barrel this aging will also bring forward diverse aromas. Not only new wood from American and French origin is used, we also use preloved barrels from Whisky, Rum, Bordeaux, Calvados, etc.

The wood aging adds a refined complexity which allows you to create incredibly interesting pairings.