The Kernel - Dark Ale Citra Colombus - 4.8% India Brown Ale - 330ml Bottle

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4.8% India Brown Ale

330ml Bottle

In the heart of Kernel Brewery, quite small, A Brown Ale stands, 4.8% in all. It isn't much, you might opine, But wait until you taste its fine design.

Complex malts are its artistic call, a roasty backbone, standing tall. A light, yet sturdy, robust frame, In this dark beer of Kernel's fame.

Hops named Citra, and Columbus too, Balance in harmony, just for you. This brew so dark, it's expressive, clear, A charming dance of malt and cheer.

So, here's to Kernel, their brews ignite, In each dark sip, pure delight. Raise your glass, give a hearty cheer, For Kernel's special, small Brown Beer!