The Kernel - Hopfenweisse Citra - 5.2% Hopfenweisse - 500ml Bottle

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Picture this: a frothy elixir, brewed in the spirit of Bavaria, a testament to the time-honored art of wheat beer. Here's an audacious blend of malted and torrified wheat, coming together in a symphony of balanced malt tones that would make Ludwig van Beethoven himself hum in approval.

It's got a kick of ripe banana and a dash of clove, conjuring images of rustic beer gardens nestled in the alpine valleys. But wait, it's not all Oktoberfest here. A surprising twist of tropical fruit emerges, a homage to a Citra dry hop infusion. It's like that unexpected detour you took on your last road trip, leading you to a hidden beach with palm trees swaying in the breeze.

This beer is not sluggish either. It's got a spritz to it, a lively character that dances on your tongue like a polka in the beer hall. And just when you think the last note has played, it wraps up with a dry finish, leaving behind a memento of classic lemony linger, a subtle reminder of the journey you've just been on. This isn't just a beer, it's an adventure in a glass.