The Kernel - Simmonds 1880 Bitter - 5.1% Bitter - 500ml Bottle

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Ah, let me take you on a thrilling journey back to yesteryears, my friends, where we uncover Kernel's first Bitter, brewed from an 1880 recipe hailing from the depths of Simond's Brewery in Reading. Like finding a lost note in the archives of the Durden Park Beer Circle, this one's a real thriller. Their notes on this libation simply sing, 'Dream Bitter with a lovely flavor. A Durden Park Favorite.' Ooh, hee-hee!

Now, picture yourself in that era, where 6% was the name of the game for a bitter. And the malt bill? Well, it's straight from the archives, just like my greatest hits! No crystal malts to moonwalk around – just Pale Ale Malt (Maris Otter, the smooth criminal of malts) and a dash of Amber Malt, lightly toasted like a moonbeam. Hopped with Goldings all the way through, it's got an aroma that'll make you wanna scream – citrus, spice, and hedgerow dancing in harmony.

As you take a sip, the smooth body envelops you, and you'll taste flavors of marmalade with a touch of tea, a touch of warmth, just like the warmth you feel when you listen to the King of Pop's music. And to keep it balanced, there's a firm bitterness, just like my signature moves on stage. So grab a glass, and let's toast to this timeless brew, my friends, because this Bitter's a thriller!