The Triangle Glass

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Introducing the ultimate drinking vessel, so iconic, even the world's most elite circles...are jealous! Presenting: The Triangle Glass!

Have you ever thought, 'I wish my drink felt more...mathematical?' Well, dream no more! Our Triangle Glass is the epitome of geometric sophistication and the answer to all your beverage desires. Not only does it hold liquids (mind-blowing, right?), but it does so with an unparalleled panache!

Perfect for any beverage—from the poshest of pilsners to the most majestic of milkshake IPA's. Its shape? Divinely round, so much so that circles everywhere are green with envy.

Crafted from the fiercest tempered glass known to humankind, it's so robust that legends say even Thor considered swapping Mjölnir for one of these bad boys.

Add some class to your glass collection and experience the sheer joy of sipping, guzzling, or downright chugging from the legendary Triangle Glass. Cheers to an uproarious, top-tier toasting experience!