Thorncroft - Elderflower Cordial - 330ml Bottle

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Thorncroft Elderflower Cordial is based on an ancient recipe at least 400 years old. Its special aroma recalls lychees and Muscat grapes, and it is thought by many to be the most deliciously refreshing drink ever.

Thorncroft Elderflower however tastes unlike any other, because they use only the petals of the elderflowers, and those in large quantities to give a uniquely floral flavour with none of the herbaceous flavour derived from the flower stalks. They have a unique process for separating out the petals from the green parts of the flower umbel, which was recently featured by BBC Good Food Live.

Elderflowers are picked from our plantations at Leatherhead and in Hampshire, and from the wild by a large team of mainly Gypsy pickers. They need twenty tonnes of elderflower petals every year to keep up with demand!

Highly concentrated - dilute 12:1 or to taste with sparkling or still water.