Thursday 27 October - Léonore Boulanger / Howie Reeve / Dean McPhee Live Upstairs at The Triangle

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On Thursday 27 October we welcome Léonore Boulanger & Howie Reeve to the Triangle, with support from Dean McPhee. Join us for an evening of innovative and engaging music.
Léonore Boulanger studied drama, experimental jazz improvisation and Persian music in Paris. Her music reflects her wide interest in African folk and in composers such as George Crumb, Teiji Ito, Harry Partch and singer Meredith Monk.
For their fifth album, "Un lièvre était un très cher baiser " Léonore Boulanger & Jean-Daniel Botta with percussionist Laurent Sériès compose and decompose a set of fragments of the outsider art poetry of Ernst Herbeck from Gugging center in Austria. Small formats for the movement, singed in german as in a Kindergarten Krautrock : imaginary folk, music boxes, r'n'b medievalism, motets and futuristic madrigals set up like hopscotches, Byzantine mathematics.
"Howie Reeve is a unique and singular figure in the current British underground. Having spent over 20 years playing in a number of key Glasgow bands, since 2012 he has been performing solo on acoustic bass guitar, delivering a fragmented and dexterous music that takes in post-punk and avant-folk. Increasingly turning to songwriting, he further engages audiences with cryptic, intimate and unsettling lyrics. Resolutely DIY in his approach to music, he lives in Glasgow but appears to be perpetually on tour, whether in the UK, Europe or Japan." (Chris Joynes)
"Unplugged-punk genius Howie Reeve is a linchpin in Glasgow's DIY community…a breathtaking bass player." (Nicola Meighan, The Herald)
"Part of a wider tradition of underground troubadours and gleemen, musical ranters and shakers, who hold audiences through their strength of character.” (Richard Foster, The Quietus)
Previous collaborations include Andy Kerr (NoMeansNo), Mike Watt (Minutemen/The Stooges) and GW Sok (The Ex).
Dean McPhee is a solo electric guitarist who records his meditative and hypnotic instrumental music at his home in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He plays a Fender Telecaster through a valve amp with effects and he is influenced by Dub, Modal Jazz, British Folk, Psychedelic Rock and Kosmische, as well as various strains of underground electronic music. A self-taught musician with a fluid, understated technique and an inventive approach to the instrument, his music is melodic, dreamlike and trance-inducing with a deep sense of space.
“Set within an electric ancestry that includes Michael Karoli’s solos in Can, the hymnal rock of Popol Vuh’s Daniel Fichelscher and the sonic spaciousness o dub, as well as the emotional punch of John Martyn’s dawn-lit Echoplex epic, ‘Small Hours’.” (Frances Morgan, The Quietus)
"Definitely one of the leading contemporary guitar stylists in the UK, and in the world" (Steve Barker, On the Wire)