To Ol - Jule Maelk - M#@!*?K Rhum BA - 15% Rum BA Stout - 375ml Bottle

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15% Rum BA Stout

375ml Bottle

Our classic yuletide treat : Jule Mælk, and some. We took our Christmas favourite and matured it with Rhum soaked Oak chips.

In Denmark we are very fond of Christmas beers. In fact, most of December goes with drinking Christmas beers while chewing on fat duck, pork roast, red cabbage and herrings left in vinegar for months.

Jule Mælk. Our so far strongest beer, bumped up to 15% ABV and loaded and loaded and loaded with lactose, just until it couldn’t get any more heavy. You could say this is the Foie Gras force-feeding edition of a beer. But then again, it is Christmas after all…