Track / Bagby - Palms - 5% Extra Pale Ale w/ Cascade - 440ml Can

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5% Extra Pale Ale w/ Cascade

440ml Can

Extra Pale Ales, or XPAs are a style which Jeff Bagby recalls seeing emerge for the first time in the early 90s, so the chance to brew our first one in collaboration with Bagby Beer Co, a brewery renowned for world class beer, just made sense.

Pale gold in colour and single hopped with US Cascade, which helped define American Pale Ales - this beer has a lightly spiced and floral aroma, delivering a delicate yet refreshing first sip which finishes with medium bitterness of pithy Pink Grapefruit.

This was a collaborative journey, which we started together before the news came that Jeff had decided to call it a day for Bagby Brewing Co. Although it's always sad to see any brewery say goodbye, and particularly one as iconic as this, we want this beer to be a celebration of all that Jeff and his team have achieved and contributed to the craft beer community over the last decade, so join us in raising a glass...

The incredible lino cut design was created by @cherylmaslen and is available to purchase here