Track / Glasshouse - This is the Edge - 5.6% Motueka, Riwaka & Nectaron Pale - 440ml Can

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5.6% Motueka, Riwaka & Nectaron Pale

440ml Can

A collaboration with our pals at Glasshouse Beer Co, hailing from Birmingham who are making some truly excellent beer. We've been particularly impressed with their mid-strength hop-forward offerings, combining massive drinkability and hop impact in beers <6%. So it was no surprise when we got our heads together, that we decided on a 5.6% Pale Ale.
Motueka, Riwaka & Nectaron lead the dry hop for a bright, mouthwatering aroma. On first taste, you're met with bright lime zest, followed immediately by the unmistakable qualities that Riwaka brings (make up your own mind on diesel/bacon frazzles), and finishing with a beautiful fresh navel peach.