Track - If Not Today - 11% TIPA - 440ml Can

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11% TIPA

440ml Can

"Hark! In the distance. A beautiful tone, warm & sweet like that of a siren. It comes from within a glimmerimg , golden haze over yonder. We must follow it..." And those were their last words. They were driven to madness in their search for the soft pineapple elixir of legend. But we have found the secret recipe & here it is. Mosaic, Strata & Galaxy melded in just the right amounts atop a malt base of mouth coating pillowyness. Balanced malt sweetness & flavours of honey dew, passion fruit & orange peel with a pithy bitterness alongside a long, smooth finish make this an enthralling proposition, enough to throw the compasses off course, heading straight for the precipice into delicious oblivion. If not today, then when...?