Track / Pellicle - Optimism Forever - 7.2% DDH West Coast IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin, Strata, Idaho 7 & Citra- 440ml Can

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7.2% DDH West Coast IPA w/ Nelson Sauvin T90, Strata CGX, Idaho 7 CGX & Citra YCH 702

440ml Can

This is our second West Coast IPA with Pellicle magazine, and was brewed in honour of their 5th birthday! We thought there was no better way of celebrating than brewing up a resinous, sticky but Modern West Coast IPA - which just happens to be Editor in Chief, Matt’s favourite style.

Optimism forever is stacked with herbal bitterness, alongside big tropical fruit flavours such as fresh Mango and tart Guava thanks to the Strata CGX and Idaho 7 hops, which lends a mouth-wateringly juicy quality to this West Coast IPA. Alongside these tropical notes, a generous dose of Citra YCH 702 evokes bright citrus fruits such as Pink Grapefruit and pithy Lemon, which intermingle beautifully together. The finish showcases Nelson Sauvin beautifully, bringing together the whole beer nicely with a White Grape finish, full of winey esters and dry Gooseberry.