Track - Reality - 8.4% Nectaron Gold Top DIPA - 440ml Can

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Reality | Gold Top DIPA w/ Nectaron, Citra, Galaxy & Southern Cross Sub Zero Hop Kief | 8.4% 

Our latest Gold Top is absolutely singing with soft and luscious Apricot and juicy White Peach thanks to a generous pour of Nectaron hops in the brew, creating a tantalisingly mouth-watering aroma which wafts headily out the glass. Galaxy and Citra work in conjunction to offer a slight bitterness on the finish, which works to balance out the sweet and creamy body perfectly. And as if that isn't loaded with enough hops, we have also thrown a load of Southern Cross Sub Zero Hop Kief in too! This offers a creamy lime-ade flavour which blends beautifully with the stone fruit notes and finishes this beer off with a zing!