Vault City / Emperors Brewery - From A Gaelic Sea, Far, Far Away… - 10% 4th Birthday BA Stout with Heather Honey - 375ml Bottle

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10% Heather Honey BA Stout

375ml Bottle

From a Gaelic Sea, Far, Far Away…

An alliance was formed between Vault City and Emperor’s Brewery to create one of the greatest Imperial Stouts the galaxy had ever seen.
Seven months of barrel-aging in the freshest whisky casks from Islay has infused the iconic smokiness, adding layers of complexity and depth to this intense, whisky-forward stout.

Scottish heather honey, creamy vanilla and lactose round out the flavour with a delicate sweetness, in harmony with the light bitterness from East Kent Golding hops. The addition of midichlorians awakens the force inside each bottle…