Verzet - Oud Bruin Raspberry - 6% Oud Bruin infused with Raspberries - 330ml Bottle

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6% Oud Bruin infused with Raspberries

330ml Bottle

Oud Bruin Raspberry is created by adding raspberries to beer that has already aged on oak barrels for at least one year. 

At the end of July last year, we met a bunch of little raspberries. They were looking at a sad future because they were already to ripe for the market! The dark red fruits would have been left on the bush and would have died a lonesome death. We refused to let that happen, so we decided to adopt the little guys. So we babtized the boys from Ternat with our West-Flemish holy water. The little fruits give a pleasant fruitiness to the Oud Bruin. This is a nice counterweight for the sour base beer. 

The ideal thirst quencher for a beautiful summer evening.

Style: Real fruit beer 

Alcohol: 6,0 %