Vinnaturo Rosé - Sangiovese 2019 - 1.5ltr Pouch

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Fresh, crunchy rosato of Sangiovese that bursts with little red fruits. Acidity is mouthwatering and refreshing and there are some nice lifted aromatics too. Simply, easy-to-love stuff that is an essential addition to any sun-kissed lunch or dinner.

The wine is made by the producer Cosimo Maria Masini who farm 16 hectares of vines, as well as wheat, fruit, olives and woodland, on a Tuscan hill near the town of San Miniato. Grower Francesco de Filippis is very detailed and careful in his approach, true to his philosophy of making the most energising wines without any chemicals or additives. The whole farm is managed biodynamically, and the calcerous soils yield wines that are structured and fresh with nice acidity. The wines are macerated, fermented and aged in large concrete tanks, with nothing added or taken away, except a low dose of SO2 at filling.