North / Noita - 6% Muscat IPA - 440ml Can

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6% Muscat IPA

440ml Can

This collaboration with Finnish urban winery, Noita, has provided us the chance to take our experimentation to the next level. Our first-ever release from Field Recordings, A Hymn for the Fields, was an experiment with Sauvignon Blanc yeast to create an out-of-this-world Saison. For this Muscat IPA, we delved into the historical brewing styles that combined grape and grain, taking a closer look at how different yeasts can bring forward complex aromas, known as thiols, not just within grapes but the hops as well. Using the finest organic Austrian Muscat grapes, shipped from the same vineyards that supply Noita, we decided to keep the base light and clean, with a combination of Pilsner malt and wheat. Balancing the hops within this IPA against the characteristics of Muscat, we chose Nelson Sauvin, Talus and Motueka hops to enhance, but not overpower, the bright citrus notes of gooseberry. The combination of Kveik and Sauvignon Blanc yeast during fermentation has heightened these thiols, bringing forward the fruitier notes of the hops. All resulting in a deliciously crisp, clean, and bright IPA, laced with these decadent thiols of tangy citrus, grapefruit, and a light floral finish.