Vinohradsky Pivovar - Svatováclavská 13 - 4.9% Pale Lager - 500ml Can

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4.9% Pale Lager

500ml Can

Svatováclavská 13, a classic, yet unique lager. We cooked it exclusively from fresh, so-called green hops on the day of harvest. We used only Žatecký poloraný červeňák, which we added throughout the hop plant as part of the traditional two-mouth cooking process. We used Pilsen and Munich malts. The result is a delicious balanced taste, in which the uniqueness of the famous Žatec semi-early red wine stands out. Thanks to him, Svatováclavská 13 acquired an unmistakable distinctive hop aroma, which is supported by unobtrusive mild bitterness and higher aftertaste. Alcohol content 5%.