Whiplash - Apocalypse Dreams - 8% ABV - 440ml Can

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8% ABV

440ml Can

What can we say? We love Amarillo. When you get the good stuff it’s unbeatable... and man, this year we’ve got the good stuff.

Amarillo is one of those rockstar hops, not crossbred through a special program but found reportedly just growing wild out the back of a hop farm up in Washington and immediately recognised as a hop that would change things up in a big way.

We strive to get the stuff that’s right there in that sweet spot of the picking window that gives us everything we’re looking for in this hop, heavy tangerine, citrus, a touch of lychee and orange and a low end rumble of stone fruit. Apocalypse Dreams is a beer constructed around all that. We’ve taken a deeper, sweeter maltier base of more Maris, Oats and Wheat and laid this on with 7g/L of Amarillo in the whirlpool and then two consecutive 12g/L additions of Amarillo making this a pretty good 3D experience of this tangerine dream of a hop.