Wildbräu Grandauer Grafing - Wildbräu Export Urstoff - 5.2% Export Lager - 500ml Can

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In 1553, Duke Albrecht V limited beer brewing between Michaelmas (September 29) and Georgi (April 23). The price/size was a maximum of 1 pfennig. From Georgi to Michaeli the price doubled. In winter, more beer was brewed in order to extend the shelf life of the beers and then to be able to charge 2 pfennigs in summer. We still use strong pre-brewing for our export raw material. A hearty, tasty export beer, light and spicy, for the highest demands. Enjoy! The beer in numbers: Alcohol: 5.2% vol. Original wort: 12.6 °Plato, Bitter units: 20 BE